During the past ~15 years, endurance sports have come to play an important role in my life. While since the birth of our daughter, I’ve mostly participated in “short” distances (42-60km running races), previously I participated in events that took more than 10 (and often more than 20) hours to complete. I ran my first marathon in 2000 and completed my first Olympic distance triathlon in 2001.

Over time, the distances have become longer and I’ve successfully participated in several ultra triathlons (up to the triple Ironman distance = 11.4km swimming, 540km cycling, and 126.6km running), and ultra-marathon events (up to running 201km in 24 hours).20130518_115906 DSC00205

Ultra-endurance events, especially ultra triathlons, are unlike any “competitive” sporting event you might see on television. As there are only about 150 people world-wide (!) participating in IUTA events, and no more than 50 in a given race, this is a small community many people refer to as their “family” with an incredible spirit of fairness, respect and international friendship. I hope to return to see this family again once our daughter is a bit bigger.

At the moment, my focus is on completing 100 running races over (at least) the marathon distance so that I can officially join the 100 Marathon Club. I’m currently on track for reaching that milestone in 2024.

Below is a list of completed races I have participated in, only including marathons and above for running and long-distance triathlons.


London Marathon – Virtual (42.2km), St. Wendel Marathon (42.2km), Baerenfels Mai Trail (42.2km), Luxembourg Marathon (42.2km), Cayuga Trails (50km, 2000+m)


London Marathon – Virtual (42.2km), Pandora’s Box Of Rox Trail Race (42.2km), St. Wendel Marathon (42.2km), Luxembourg Marathon (42.2km), Halden Mohikaner (43.75km), Trailfest Losheim T45 (47km, 1663+m), Baerenfelslauf 42 (42km, 900+m), Allgaeu Panorama Marathon (42km, 1370+m)


Hartfuessler Trail (58km run, 1654+m), London Marathon – Virtual (42.2km), 6-h Urwaldlauf (6h run)


Gopher Attack – Virtual (42.2km run), Salt Lake City Marathon – Virtual (42.2km run), Monschau Marathon – Virtual (42.2km run), San Francisco Marathon – Virtual (42.2km run), Boston Bound Marathon – Virtual (42.2km run), London Marathon – Virtual (42.2km), New York Liberty Run – Virtual (42.2km run), Poquoson’s Run for the Bulls – Virtual (42.2km run), Qatar East-to-West Ultramarathon (90km run)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Bremerhaven City Marathon (42.2km run)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Ocean’s Run Marathon (42.2km run), Brixen Dolomithen Marathon (42.2km run, 2450+m), Monschau Ultramarathon (56km run, 950+m), Qatar East-to-West Ultramarathon (90km run)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Haseder Feldmarklauf (42.2km run), Rodeo Valley Trail run (50km run, 1750+m)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Bunbury 3 Waters Running Festival (50km run), Newport Marathon (42.2km run), QRS Fall Edition Education City (42.2km)


Columbia City Veterans Marathon (42.2km run), Education City Challenge (42.2km run)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Marathon des Sables (staged 249.4km run), Weald Challenge Trail (50km run), Pernio 60 km (60km run), Stockholm Ultra (100km run), Tango Ultramarathon (100km run), QF Classic Marathon (42.2km run), Aspire 50km GCC Championship (50km run)


Doha Marathon (42.2km run), Wadi Bih Run (72km and 1000m+ run), Hyannis Marathon (42.2km run), Doha 6:50 Ultra Race [March] (50km run), Dead Sea Ultra Marathon (50km run), Liege-Bastogne-Liege [medium variant] (167km and 2647m+ bike), 24h running in Minden, 100 miles around the isle of Mors (160km run), 100km de Terrassa (100km run), Doha 6:50 Ultra Race [October] (50km run), IUA 100km Doha (100km run), 24h running in Santpoort-Noord


Dubai Marathon (42.2km run), Abu Dhabi Triathlon (3km swim, 200km bike, 20km run), Neulengbach Double Triathlon World Championship (7.6km swim, 360km bike, 84.4km run), Dirndltal Extrem Ultramarathon (111km and 5000+m run), Iznik Ultra (130km and 2250m+ run), 100 Meilen Berlin (161km run), Trail du Tour du Canton (81km and 1450m+ run)


100km de Calella (100km run), 100km de Terrassa (100km run), Barcelona Marathon (42.2km run), Paris Marathon (42.2km run), Bieler Lauftage (100km run)

2011 and earlier

24h running in Barcelona (2010 and 2011), 24h running in Basel (2011), 100km de Calella (2011), 6h running in Calella (2011), 100km de Terrassa (2010 and 2011), 24h cycling in Calafat (2011), Barcelona Marathon (2010 and 2011), Ironcat Triathlon in Ampolla (2009 and 2010), Neulengbach Double Triathlon (2009 and 2010), Lensahn Triple Triathlon World Championship 2010 (11.4km swim, 540km bike, 126.6km run), 2009 Castelldefels Marathon, 2x Berlin Marathon, 2x Lausanne Marathon, 2002 Moscow Marathon, 2x Saarbruecken Marathon, 2009 Maresme Challenge (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run), 2008 Forestman (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run), 2007 Roth Challenge (3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km run), 2006 Gerardmer Triathlon XL (4km swim, 120km bike, 30km run), 2009 Zermatt Marathon ( and 1944m+ run), and a few dozen of forgotten and shorter races.