Ingmar Weber

Ingmar is an Alexander von Humboldt Professor in AI at Saarland University where holds the Chair for Societal Computing. This interdisciplinary area comprises (i) computing of society, i.e. the measurement of different social phenomena, in particular using non-traditional data sources, and (ii) computing for society, i.e. working with partners on implementing solutions to help address societal challenges.

If you’re interested in interdisciplinary data science and its applications then please get in touch.

Ingmar Weber at the Port Vell, Barcelona

Ingmar Weber at the Port Vell, Barcelona in 2012

Apart from research, endurance sport is one of his passions. Ingmar has completed three double (7.6km swim, 360km bike, 84.4km run) and one triple (11.4km swim, 540km bike, 126.6km run) ultra triathlon, as well as about a dozen 100+km running races. Personal records include running 201km in 24 hours (finishing as 3rd male, 6th overall), running 69.2km in 6 hours (finishing 3rd overall), and finishing 14th in the 2010 International Ultra Triathlon Association World Cup (out of 123 athletes). He is on track to finish his 100th marathon-or-longer running race by 2025. On his non-sporting trips, he enjoys taking photos, including underwater while scuba diving.

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